Skydesk Features

Skydesk is simple enough for your entire team. And, when work gets complicated, Skydesk has the features you need to move the project forward. Our platform is built to help you reach success day by day.


Collaborate with your team all at one place. Have conversations and comment directly on a task, to clarify exactly what needs to be done.


Look at your business anyway you want with dashboard. Check progress on all the projects in one customizable view.

Due Dates

Ensures every task gets completed on time. Manage your workload efficiently and make sure you never miss a deadline again!

Go Mobile

Supporting Android phones and other popular tablets, the Skydesk mobile app has you covered.

Nothing to install

Web-based software, is ready-to-use as soon as you create an account. No need to install or download.

Sales Opportunities

Gain instant insight on what's happening in your sales pipeline and improve your sales efforts.

Resource Management

View workload across your business team. Share workload efficiently.

Powerful CRM

Manage leads, contacts, tasks and bugs. Custom Fields & filters, task histories etc.,


Add files from your computer, Google Drive or Box to any task or conversation.


Email alerts or notifications keep your team on track.


Gives a new home to your special pictures.


Allows you to track your vehicle and to prevent the event of theft